Ranking in Different Countries through Global SEO in Singapore

global seoFor a business that aims to target the global market, a different SEO strategy would be required in order to rank in local search engines. A number of factors will affect your page rankings in every country, some are more crucial than others but it would require both technical and non-technical elements. A business need not necessarily require a different SEO provider for each country since there are international SEO strategies that will take advantage of the exiting opportunities whether in Singapore, the US or the UK. Always take note of the fact that Google has different versions and it can deliver results appropriate to the target audience of a different country.

How to Rank High in Country-Specific Versions of Google

There are certain factors that will affect SEO techniques for every particular country. One of the most fundamental factors is content where you will need landing pages with page titles, Meta tags and descriptions including product descriptions in different languages. For SEO to work in different countries, you need to identify the right keywords that people will use in searching for products and services. A global SEO provider will not use the same keywords for US and Singapore; instead a keyword research will be done before optimizing the site for search engines. It is not as simple as translating the English keyword to its equivalent in the Singaporean language since there is also a difference in culture that have to be considered. Basically, a new dimension will be added to the SEO strategy since consumer preferences and behavior also vary in different countries.

How to Successfully Launch a Global SEO Campaign

Keyword Researchglobal seo

Before optimizing the site for a global audience, it is crucial to check the traffic you are getting from another country. Google Analytics is the tool for this purpose. Furthermore, you can also make use of Google Keyword Tools to determine local search volume for relevant keywords in the country you are targeting. Keyword research is one of the important activities in search engine optimization that will gain for the site the right kinds of visitors. With keyword research you can respond to changing market conditions and customer demands and produce relevant content that customers seek for.

Understanding the Behavior and Characteristics of the Target Audience

In today’s diversified marketing environment, consumer behavior is more complex but without understanding their behavior, it would be literally difficult to generate the appropriate response. Knowledge of consumer behavior needs to be incorporated in any SEO activity and marketing plan. Aside from considering the characteristics of the target audience, it is also important to identify and analyze the competitors. Each international website must be tracked separately since it is a different market looking at a different audience.

Online markets are no exception when ensuring that a site ranks high in the search engine results. Although the SEO provider has to prepare a different set of strategies for every country that you are targeting, search engine results usually provide a blend between international and local results that are tailored for the targeted country.


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