“Is your SEO effective?”

When I introduce myself as an SEO Expert in social situations, there are a number of questions that are on everyone’s mind. I usually hear similar questions, but there are also questions that people don’t tend to ask.

Can you actually rank my website on page 1? Or in the top-3?

Google SERP

Singapore SEO Expert – Click to see large image

The answer is yes. Given sufficient resources, I haven’t come across a website that is impossible to rank. I promise my customers confidentiality, so I’m not going to share the results I have achieved for them, but consider my own websites:

My LinkedIn page is currently #4 for “Singapore SEO Expert”. That did not happen by accident. It took months of work. I felt it was important to give people who are considering my service some tangible evidence. I would want to see that if I were to hire an SEO consultant.


Ranking for “language school singapore”. Click to see the full picture.

In an area I’ve been more active, language learning, you can see my site Yago taking up large parts of the top search engine results. There’s a screenshot on the right where the site takes up spots 2 and 3 for “language school singapore”, but search for language courses in Singapore of any kind, and you will find the site.

So in short, can I do it? Yes I can.

But maybe you can feel it coming, there are a few “but’s” here. Let’s tackle them one by one.

#1 – The effort may not be worth it

In most cases, if a keyword is competitive, it is because it can earn money. Ranking for a popular and relevant group of keywords is like having a store in Takashimaya. For example, people searching “Singapore car insurance” are likely ready buyers for car insurance. Present them with the right offer and they may well buy from you.

However, if you are trying to sell a S$ 10 e-book on how to pick the best car insurance, and don’t carry the actual product, your potential revenue per customer will be too small to justify the effort and expense on SEO to make your website rank.

How to resolve this? We can look together at smaller, less competitive keywords in which you can outperform. Websites that dominate the most popular keywords today may leave tons of smaller keywords open. We can start with those and gradually work towards the more competitive ones.

#2 – It may take too long

If you are dying to make sales from your website next month, SEO isn’t going to be the solution for you. However effective the SEO campaign may be eventually, there is usually a time lag of 3-6 months before you see significant results. If you are counting on your website to bring in new business next week, you will need a short-term plan for that. Here are some options that can bring you leads / sales pretty much immediately:

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Facebook advertising (target a group that is highly likely to buy from you)
  3. Electronic Direct Mail (buy an e-mail list and send an offer)

#3 – Your domain may have been penalized

Some SEO providers take risks with their clients’ websites. They do things that may get the site to rank fast, but make the alarm bells ring at Google after a while. If Google deems a website to be manipulating the rankings, it may decide to drop the site from the rankings or bring it down a lot.

There are ways to recover from a penalty, although it’s not my specialty. Usually it is more practical to start over with a fresh domain name.

#4 – You probably need to make changes to your website

Search engines look at what’s on your website, as well as who is linking to you. For uncompetitive keywords, it’s often enough to get more websites to link to your site. But when things get really competitive, we need to look at the structure and wordings of your website. At times, I may recommend drastic changes to your website. If you are planning to build a new website, talk to an SEO expert first, to make sure you avoid double work.

So, bottom line?

I can help you rank for any term you like. I want my work to bring value to your business. Since there are so many variables involved, my recommended approach is different for every website and keyword. Want to know what I can do for you? Schedule a free 25-minute online consultation. I will call you and share my screen, so we can look at the possibilities together.



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