Workshop: Can you do SEO Yourself?

SEO Training bannerYou have a better product than your competitor. But somehow, he always shows up on Google and your website is nowhere to be found.

It’s a frustration for many business owners. What to do? Hire an SEO company?

I know that for that option, many people are concerned about the cost.

There is an alternative: do it yourself.

If you, or an employee, understands the basics of SEO and can spend a few hours a week, that can go a long way to increase your rankings.

Depending on how competitive your market is on Google, it can get you

  • 50% of the way,
  • 80% of the way,
  • or all the way.

Whatever you can do yourself, will help.

How to know what to focus on? I am conducting a 3-hour workshop that covers the basics. Tickets are available for S$ 50.

To learn more or book your seat, have a look here.

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